Geologically speaking, the island is formed by two big zones: the northern and more ancient one (tramuntana) and the southern one (migjorn); two zones completely different in terms of composition and landscape.

In the north, the rocks are fractured and folded, something visible to the naked eye, and there are a large diversity of materials: stoneware, conglomerate, clay, limestone… The south is more homogeneous and it is where the island’s more characteristic stone can be found: the “marés”, which has been used for all kinds of constructions since long ago.

But less known is the fact that there are volcanic rocks in Minorca. And from here, we encourage you to visit the part of the island where they can be seen, because they form as well some of the most beautiful landscapes of our coastline. We suggest this itinerary (on foot or bicycle): from Binimel·là to Cala Barril, to enjoy the views and geology with a big diversity of forms, colours and materials.

Have a nice excursion!