Defense towers

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Minorca has an important defense and military heritage, which is worth paying attention and visiting. The island was a strategic point in the Mediterranean, and therefore, it was very coveted bay many powers, peoples, corsairs, pirates…

Among other defense mains, we highlight the coastal defense towers. There were more than 15 of these towers built at the end of the 18th century and in the early 19th century, 19 Medieval towers and 14 watchtowers; everything to watch over and defend the island.

Many towers may be visited; other are “visible” but cannot be visited; and one was totally destroyed by the famous English corsair Lord Cochrane: the one of Atalis, in Son Bou.

We advise visiting the tower of Fornells (in Fornells), which houses a small interpretative center, and the tower of Sant Nicolau (in Ciudadela), as well available for visits. Reaching some of these coastal towers on foot is a history and landscape discovery. So come on!

In this link you will find the island’s military heritage itineraries.