Vegetal safari

A safari generally means hunting wild animals. We suggest that you go hunting our flowers, the ones that frequently go unnoticed, with your camera as a gun…

There are more than 1400 taxons and nearly 100 endemisms in Minorca. It is a high figure if we take into account the island’s surface, just 105 Km. However, Minorca has an essential factor which facilitates this diversity: its diverse geology.

In general, we are not aware of a great deal of this flora. From +menorca we want you to look for, to watch, to explore the beautiful flowers which grow in our fields, beaches, cliffs, ravines… At near sight, our perception changes, a lot. Do you want to check it? Here you have some examples.

And remember: Minorcan flowers cannot only be seen in May; each month has its flowers.

Here you have a link to some flowers guide and its flowering time