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This web site, “mesmenorca.com”, uses its own and third parties’cookies in order to improve our services and display advertising related to your preferences, by analyzing your browsing habits. If you carry on browsing, we understand that you accept the use of cookies.

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Cookies are small folders that are downloaded in your computer when you open certain web pages. They help, for example, to store and recover information about the browsing habits of a user or their computer, and, depending on the information they include and the way you use your PC, they can be used to recognise the user. They can be used, as well, to register anonymous information about how a visitor use a site; for exemple, from what page they have acceded or if they have used an advertising banner to accede.

Cookies do not contain any sort of specific personal information, and the majority of them are deleted from your hard drive when you quit the browser. However, there are some cookies which are persistent and have a fixed duration.

Cookies are effective for improving your browsing experience as a user, and they are used on the majority of web pages.



Cookies can be classified according to diferent criteria:

• According to the entity which process them, they can be own or third parties’cookies.
• Depending on how long they remain active, they can be one browsing session or persistent cookies.
• According to its purpose, they can be tecnical, personalisation, analysing, advertising and personalised advertising cookies.

For further information about cookies, you can click here to open the ”cookies guide”, the Spanish agency page for data protection.



This web site, “mesmenorca.com”, uses its own and third parties’cookies in order to execute the electronic communications that are inherent in browsing, as well as to improve your browsing experience as a user, by measuring the use and the performance of the web site in order to optimise and personalise it.



We inform you that our web uses Google analytics, a Goggle Inc. service that collects information as the user´s IP and others. This information is processed by Google in its fixed terms and, therefore, we suggest that you should visit its web http://www.google.com/intl/es/analytics/privacyoverview.html to get informed about the use that they can make of your personal data and the cookies that they use.

Similarly, we use WordPress, because our web site uses this resource. Among the cookies that WordPress uses there is the one which recognises your language, among others. You can consult its terms and use of cookies here: http://wordpress.org/about/privacy/

Our web site may have links to social networks as Facebook, Youtube, and others.

All these webs, the ones that are linked from our web and the third parties’, may use cookies that “mesmenorca.com” do not control. Consequently, we advise you to revise its cookies policy for further information. Mesmenorca.com will not assume any responsibility for the contents, cookies policy, or truthfulness of these third parties’ web sites.



You can allow, block or delete cookies by setting the options of your browser. Not allowing cookies may prevent some of our web site’s pages, services or links from work properly.

Below, we are showing you the most common browser´s links to set up cookies. However, we remind you that these links are merely for informational purposes and we not assume any responsibility of its contents, information, updates or others.

Chrome: google’s cookies settings
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This information wants to guarantee compliance of the current legislation on the cookies use, as well as give you as much openness as possible regarding the processed data on the Internet surfing on our web site made from your computer.

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