On secondary roads

We suggest now that you get into your car and find out the Minorcan landscape sitting comfortably, driving.

Although Minorca is a paradise for walkers, full of beautiful pathways to bike or walk round, it is worthy spending some time making detours, driving peacefully on the island’s secondary roads.

Suddenly, after a curve, you will find the sea; you will drive along leafy and ancient holm-oak woods; you will admire the island’s rural architecture, with its white houses perfectly preserved; behind the stone walls, cows, donkeys, horses, sheep will put their head out; and you will be always accompanied by the country, a bright green one in autumn and winter, and a multicoloured one in spring.

Between March and May, it seems as if a gardenerer had decorated the landscape and the roads’ sides. The huge amount of flowers of thousands of colours will surprise you.

A treat for the eyes.