The King’s Island

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It is said that the first place where the King Alfonso III disembarked in Minorca was this island, formerly known as “the rabbits’ island”. The King entered the harbor with the intention of conquering Minorca to the Moors.

That way, a day of January 1287, the King began the conquest. The almojarife Abu Omar surrendered to the Christian troops from his refuge at the Santa Agueda Castle, and according to some historians, made treaties to safeguard himself, his family and part of his entourage, leaving his people at the mercy of the Christian king…

Apart from being a key point in the Minorcan history, The King’s Island has a diverse heritage: from the remains of a Christian basilica (4th century) to the 18th-century buildings of the English fleet´s first naval hospital out of England (used later as well by the French and Spanish troops, and even by the civilian population until the 20th century). We want to add that it is a particular place, an island on an island, a small quiet spot surrounded by water and nature, which can be visited and where a part of that great hospital has been recreated. An indispensable visit.

 Notice: You may attend concerts and other events in the King’s Island, and the Sunday morning anyone is welcome to collaborate with small maintenance tasks. Would you join us?