The Arabs’ orchards

Come to admire the explosion of the fruit trees blooms in what we can call “the Arabs’ orchards”…

Minorca was Muslim over nearly 400 years, from 903 to 1287, when the king Jaume I conquered the island. The Muslim civilisation brought an advanced knowledge of agriculture and stockbreeding, and specially water management and improvement. That is why it is not strange that their attention was caught by our ravines, which extend over the main part of the south of Minorca, as ideal places because of their humidity and being protected from the winds.

It is absolutely lovely to see the ravines when the fruit trees start blooming, or in April, when the greenness spreads over these sinuous spots where we can see the small water runoffs in search for the sea.

Today we suggest that you go to explore the ravine of Cala’n Porter, in Alaior.