Bars with added value

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There are some places which we are really in love with; it is not worth saying anything more. Today we are introducing two bars to have breakfast, or just to have something to eat or drink at any time. Their added value are its architecture and decoration.

Café Baixamar is located in the Mahon’s harbour, in what was an ancient barn. Its beams are ship masts and it is decorated with old lamps, wooden sculptures… On the uppre floor you will see tiles with curious drawings inspired in the Iliad. The bar also shows small exhibitions by islander artists, painters, photographers… and its “custom made” sandwichs are fantastic.

Cristanal y Gradinata is set in Isabel II street, in Mahon, in what were the stables and staff entrance of a stately home. And it is true, as it is said in the book “Comercios de siempre” del Ateneo de Mahón, it really seems a Parisian bar. You will be able to taste its small sandwichs known as “Manolitos”, and to see old radios, beer bottles and siphons which decorate the walls of this nice place.

As we always say: enjoy them!